Eradicate Spiders and Ants

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Eradicate Spiders and other crawling insects from the exterior and/or interior of a home. Exterior treatments can cost as little as $200 and will provide up to 6-months protection.

A typical spider, ant, silverfish and cockroach treatment includes where applicable:

· The chemical treatment of spiders, ants and cockroaches externally on the house, outbuildings, fences, features and bins on the property with Biflex emulsion @ 0.63%
· The chemical treatment of spiders, ants, silverfish and cockroaches internally in the houses and out buildings on the property with Tempo or Temprid emulsion @ 1.25%
· The chemical treatment of spiders, ants, silverfish and cockroaches with dragnet dust in the subfloors, cavities and roof voids where required.

All the chemicals we use except Temprid are based on synthetic pyrethroids which are modelled on nature¹s natural insecticide ³pyrethrum² which is extracted from daisy flowers.

The chemicals are not harmful to you or your pets except fish, fish are very sensitive to these products so please let us know if you have a fish tank or pond.

The products we use externally and sometimes internally can leave a residue on the windows which looks like salt spray.

Any spray residue can easily and safely be removed with water and a cloth. If we have to use dust there mayb be a fine white powder residue left behind.

For best spider kill results we recommend no hosing or pressure cleaning on the property for a two week period after the application.

The toxicity to mammals of the product we use inside is similar to table salt, this product will leave no visible marks on most surfaces and has no smell.

All our products will kill ants on contact however ant colonies can be very strong and hidden deep in inaccessible cavities, sometimes they can come back within 1 to 2 month.

In severe cases following a chemical treatment ants can keep dying for several months or years.

After treatment dead ants will remain in wall cavities and roof voids and can fall out of gaps or light fittings when the wind blows or there is movement in the house.

Dead ants can continue to appear in and around the property unless all the gaps are sealed and/or the house is taken apart and cleaned.

We require that you leave the property while we complete the chemical applications and ask that you do not return for a two hour period after the application.

Most of the webbing spider will be killed within 48 hours after the application.

For webbing spiders the first application can last around 3 months, if a follow up application is applied after the 3 months, this next application can last up to 12 months.